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how to improve your site search ranking using seo

how to improve your site search ranking using SEO

Aji best tips suggest kori bola ase, kena ka search engine improved hobo.
Aro ke laka medhod bra abni business do improved aro traffic kina ka ahi bo,
abni websites da SEO employee bra search kori ka na google or bing website da.

 The first tips that we want to talk about today are claiming your business listing so you have a business
and I would say if you have a local business. I recommend that you get yourself on google, local Bing, hall Yelp and you know some people have issues, with help because you know there is no control when it comes down to reviews but get yourself there be consistent with the information make sure it's correct complete it and fully optimize it and that is with your keyword so here I would probably say you have your website who are you and using that keyword or those keywords you want to go ahead and just take those p words put it
into your writing for your business listing the next thing which is tip number to be natural because in your writing you want to write or your audience you want to write for that prospect that person is typing into
google into google search they're typing in a keyboard and their keyboard is trying to solve a problem that they have right and so you are the person that is going to solve that for them and they will type it in they find your content and it could be you um a content that you wrote for your website it could be contented you over landing page, or it could be content that you shared on social media and they're finding it they're coming to you for the answer because I'm telling you these people are small these days the internet is given people that
freedom to find information you know we all are finding it we want to find some of the risks go ahead and Google it right and so they're finding you and having that quality content and having those keywords which you don't want to stop you don't want to stuff the keywords, because Google will find you out you
want to make sure that you're writing for them you're solving an issue for them you're giving them helpful information and you want to be natural there is a balancing act with having to write the search engine and they the prospect or that customer that you have and so you just want to be natural about it and just some you know just help them with the content as you share.

 tip number three you're looking at visual content so you have videos you have images you have infographic and you're using your P word and you're optimizing those because they will show up in the search engine so you want to go ahead and get your keywords in there as well and tip number four which is to create shareable content what am   I doing right now I am doing a Facebook I am sharing content you want to do the same thing likewise for your business and it can be blown you know we could be white paper and you want to share it on social media that will help you in the search engine creating backlinks for you so that's shareable content something that's rich that people could say wow I like that right and so the fifth tip here is you always want to go back and check to see well how can you improve your appearance in the search engine how can you improve your website traffic so you always want to go back save your Google Analytics look at what people are typing and how are they finding you or if some of your content is it's like dead content it's not been viewed what can I do to improve it so SEO it's really about going back and just really honing in improving all the time it's something that's one going ongoing and so that is that will conclude this article.

I hope you guys.


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