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How to keep children safe internet| Best online Learning internet safe

How  to keep children safe internet| Best online Learning internet safe

 How  to keep children safe internet| Best online Learning internet safe

Onlinetechnicalstm internet safe here is a quick list of some suggestions and tips, To help you out. We don't set out specific rules or laws for this instead, we offer a simple set suggestions that can help parents make guidelines of their own .keeping kids safe online. 

Best online Learning internet safe. Tips- terms to learn about the internet before your Children have browsing power

 How  to keep children safe internet| Best online Learning internet safe

Privacy Safe

  • Online privacy,  Internet things to keep private -only parents have permission to share:  Social Security Numbers, Passwords, Account Numbers, Addresses and Telephone Numbers.

  • Online malware,  Internet malware is a way to make computers sick.  (safe just because an AD says something is free, don’t click on it.  It could be a virus that will cause harm).  Stay off of flashy ads unless they have been scanned with a virus protection.

  • Online passwords, Internet use a STRONG password.  One with a number, a capital letter, a symbol and a long string of letters.  Don’t use a pet’s name or something like “onlinetechnicalstm@123.”

  • Online scamming.  Internet on games such as Minecraft it is easy to gain access to games and pretend you are someone else especially when using public Wi-Fi.  People will try to scam or trick you.  Be alert.

  • Online phishing.  Internet sometimes spam email will try to convince you to send “personal” information so they can rob you.  Don’t let them catch you like a fish.

  • Online mobile Apps sometimes have in-app purchases.  It is easy to press an app so be careful when using them.

  • Online Apps Privacy – Also using Apps require giving certain information like things such as email, date of birth, or even addresses.  Just be careful what information you give out.

  • Online Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi is great when it is yours in on your home network with a password.  Be sure to be careful what you share on public WIFI.  Anyone can access your private information on public access.  

  • Internet technology is always changing.  Safe be careful what you post, where you post, who you post about and always remember nothing online is truly private.  Someone WILL always be able to see what has been posted.

How  to keep children safe internet| Best online Learning internet safe

 How  to keep children safe internet| Best online Learning internet safe

Best online Learning internet safe  parenting Tips

  • Online keep Informed about the Internet.
  • Online keep the subject open and talk about what is going  on their lives.
  • Online don’t allow “closed” doors or access to the internet without open borders.
  • Online stay accountable – everyone who has access to the wifi or electricity has knowledge that anything might be discovered.
  • Online have a hub where all electronics stay for the “night.”
  • Online have time limits for internet usage.
  • Online be a “friend” to your kids’ accounts.
  • Online follow your kids online.  But, have a no embarrassment clause.
  • Online play outside with your kids.  Safe staying online is not the same as exercise and breathing fresh air.
  • Online don’t fret.  Pray.  Eat chocolate. Have do-overs.

  Best online Learning internet safe  Google

  • Internet safe Google is a great search engine.
  • Internet safe anything can be searched on this engine.
  • Internet safe is a way to use Google without bad images or posts.  However, there are a few bugs when I tried to use it.
  • Internet incognito is a way to hide search history.  Private searching so others cannot see what you are searching.  However, just because someone is in incognito mode doesn’t mean the real history  can’t be seen.
  • Internet  everything leaves a trail of some kind.
  • Internet Google can be a dangerous highway without knowing how to drive it.
  • Internet juniorsafe search  is also an alternative to Google Search.
  • Online it is even has an app for phones or tablets.
  • Online make a hard password Eg MakeMoneyOnline123@.
  • Internet setting up a time limit for using Google or using any search engine might also veer bad “driving” on this huge highway.

Best online Learning internet safe Instagram
  • Instagram is owned by Facebook.  Safe it also has an age limit, 13 years old.
  • Private messaging is available in Instagram.  
  • You can send private photos.
  • Be careful about posting about people who did not give you permission to take their photo.
  • Posting on Instagram and then sharing on Twitter can sometimes make the photo public on Instagram.
  • Anything posted will be saved on servers that don’t belong to you.
  • Sometimes a person’s personal Instagram will be tagged by accounts that are spam.
  • NEVER post anything you don’t want to share with everyone.
  • Instagram has the right to change their terms at anytime.
  • Instagram is a HUGE highway not a country road – it requires high levels of maturity or it could have huge consequences.

 Best online Learning internet safe  Pinterest

  • Pinterest is great for ideas for both young and old.
  • Pinterest does have a way to send private messages and photos.
  • Pinterest does allow comments on pins that have been pinned on public boards.
  • Pinterest does have links and photos that are not G-rated.  In fact, some are X-rated.  Be aware that a simple search anything could show up.
  • Pinterest has group boards meaning more than one person can share one board.
  • Pinterest also has private boards that can be made into a group board.
  • Even strangers can be invited to group boards.
  • Pinterest is a huge highway of information.  It should be used with caution.
  • Pinterest is great for pinning ideas and gaining ideas.
  • Pinterest has an age limit, 13 years old.

Internet is a place to gain information but never to give information without the parent’s permission

Best online Learning internet safe. Tips  for child about the internet

  • The internet can be a great place or a scary place if not handled properly.
  • The internet even though it is in your home but still is a place where one can talk to strangers and needs to be used with extreme caution.
  • The internet is a place to gain information but never to give information without the parent’s permission.
  • The internet is like a real highway.  It is filled with so much that supervision is always needed – even adults can get lost easily when taking the wrong roads.
  • The internet can be accessed from not only computers but televisions, phones and even speakers.  Downtime is a must, certains times of day.
  • The internet is an awesome tool!  Safe but going outside and breathing real air is also super important in today’s society.  
  • The internet is fun but people are more important, always.  Don’t let that CPU suck your life away.
  • The internet is not always full of truth.  Don’t be deceived on what you are reading.  Get your source from multiple reliable resources.
  • The internet is a way bad people will ask for personal information. Safe never give your address or phone number away to anyone.  
  • The internet might be a way to meet people but just because someone asks to be your friend, ask your parent permission first is priority!

Best online Learning internet safe Twitter

  • Twitter is great for instant information and history.
  • Twitter is not for those who hold their tongue.  Twitter is quick and anything is shared what is on your mind.
  • Hashtags on Twitter is what can bring up a certain “subject.”
  • Twitter has private mailboxes.
  • PM – Private Message or DM – Direct Message.
  • Twitter does have a certain age limit to sign up for an account, 13 years old.
  • Twitter can be great for things like a football game.  You can share your mind with tons of others watching the same game. Safe  however, they might not be generous with keeping their opinion G rated.
  • Twitter has trending topics.
  • Trends can be used for local chatter.
  • Twitter is a huge highway and riding a bike should not be encouraged on it.

(How  to keep children safe internet| Best online Learning internet safe)


 Best online Learning internet safe  Snapchat

🔏Snapchat has an age minimum of 13.

🔏Snapchat has easy to use privacy settings.

🔏Snapchat photos do disappear BUT are easily taken by another phone or camera.

🔏Snapchat messages are made to disappear which makes it harder to see what was taken.

🔏NEVER post anything you don’t want to share with everyone.

🔏A parent's guide to snapchat

🔏Another user can still share a snapchat without the person knowing by using another phone.

🔏Never assume another child would want to be on social media, always ask prior permission before posting.

🔏Snapchat is one social media avenue that should be discussed with kids before being allowed to download.

🔏Snapchat is a HUGE  highway.  It should be used with extreme caution or have major consequences.


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