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digital marketing course!what is digital marketing

digital marketing course! what is digital marketing

 today's we are gonna be talking about what is digital marketing.
the short answer would be marketing online. so when we compare digital
Marketing, versus traditional marketing. where you would promote your products
and services. through brochures and magazines billboards newspaper we're, now
taking that online and using digital channels. such as search engines websites,
social media, email, and mobile apps.

 so we use these different channels to market.
now your products and services. now the advantages of doing digital marketing
Online, you're able to be targeted. when it comes down to digital marketing and you're able to gather, the data to see if it's working in real time or not so you're very Pacific when it comes down to that the other advantage of digital marketing is that you're able to measure you can do that in real time you can adjust your campaigns and optimize them. so safe example your title isn't working people are not responding to your headline title you can change that and you can do that in real time so the advantages here is that you're getting your data and you're analyzing.
 it like right then and right you know right then and there. So
that's a great thing when it comes out to digital the other thing that you're able to do if you have a campaign that you're running and say you have a product and you're you want to determine. if the product if people are responding to one ad versus another that's where a be testing comes in so you're able to go ahead that same product you may change the color you may change the headline tell you may change the description. but you're doing this a B testing to test it out to see which one is converting better for those people that you're trying to reach and so when we look at digital marketing. we're looking at the totality how do you integrate these different say social media. search engine marketing you're looking at mobile apps your website your email how do you how you're able to bring all of that together that's  the you know the (100 dollar question there how you're able to bring all that
together create campaigns) to get your message out there and that's where the
integration of digital marketing comes in so using all platform bringing it
together and promoting that product and services that you may have so I just
wanted to bring this short video to you just trying to describe to you what is
digital marketing.

 I hope you get something from this article.

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