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How to Choose a Best Domain Name | For a Personal Website and Business 2022


How to Choose a Best Domain Name

How to Choose a Good Domain name?

Tips and tricks, a domain name is How your website will be known online, no matter what type of website. You’ll have. It is the unique address of your site on the internet and it will be yours as long as you continue paying the annual fee. Domain price RS, 727.10 –  RS, 1000 for the .com domain.

Domain users who know your domain technically referred to as a URL uniform resource locator can simply type it in their browser’s address bar, and be taken there. Others will be able to discover your blog through search engines such as chrome Google and Bing.

Onlinetechnicalstm tips and tricks a domain name is more than a web address. It is your business and your overall online identity. That’s why your domain name must be you. Make it recognizable, easy to remember, and a proud representation of you and your brand. Subdomain – the third level domain of your website name some sites use “www” some do not.
Prefix – an internet application protocol of your domain HTTP: – standard, HTTPS secured.
  Name – the second-level domain of the website, picked by the person registering the domain.
  Extension – the top-level domain can be picked for the variety of available choices.

How to Choose a Best Domain Name

All about domain there are ways to create a blog that allows you to bypass having your own domain and instead go with Eg, Google blogger offers a hosted version of its service where you can be some. With this option, you’re being controlled by the blogging platform you are on, which isn’t the best option.

Creating your own domain name is an important part of your personal blog or online business success. In an ideal world, you will own sites associated with your brand before it has strong public recognition. This reduces the risk that someone else will buy the name, forcing you to purchase it for a great deal more than a few dollars. If your brand is well established, you may need to be a little more creative in coming up with an alternative domain name, if the obvious choices aren’t available.

Onlinetechnicalstm Domain name extension

Important when you choose a domain name, one of your choices will be what domain extension or Top Level Domain (TLD) extension to use. There are hundreds of top-level domains from which to choose.

Domain most popular ones.

  • Most popular  top level domains (TLDs) include: .com, .net, .org, .int, .gov, .edu, and .mil. Only some of them are available for general use, and .com is far and away the most important.
  • Popular country code top level domains (ccTLDs) Example .cn China, .in India, .jp Japan, .ph Philippines, and .uk United Kingdom.

  • Popular domain there are also topic specific generic top level domains (gTLDs), though their use has yet to catch on widely, including: .accountants, .agency, .business, .city, .digital, .photography, and .social. ''Not sure what to choose for a top-level domain''

    ''Choose for a top-level domain'' 

    For a Personal Website and Business

    Onlinetechnicalstm tips and tricks that I use for picking and buying domain names when I’m searching for the best available options.

    How would I Pick

    A Decent Domain Name for my Site?

    Domain Name Suggestions 2022

    Choose domain name if you are marketing yourself, first and last names or Even if you aren’t marketing yourself, it’s not a bad idea to register your name as a domain now, in case you want to use it in the future. If you are marketing your business, you should see if your business name is available. Using a search engine like Google search, for your proposed blog or website name. Domain name suggestions, do your search show any sites with similar domain names? If it does, try a different name.

    Unique Website Name Ideas

    Onlinetechnicalstm tips and tricks your domain name will be your brand. Some names speak for themselves. When you hear the name, you know what the website is about.

     Domain name Make it easy to type

    Note if you have to spell out your domain name more than once for it to be understood, then it won’t work. __Keep the name simple to remember and easy to enter in an address bar or search field__Why is simplicity important? __Because you don’t want your future visitors to incorrectly type in your name and be directed to a different site.

    A Good Domain ''''

    Best domain .com domains. It is still the preferred extension and the easiest to remember. ___If your number one name choice isn’t available, then try your second choice before accepting other TLDs. ___Remember that some browsers accept address-only entries in their address bar. ***If you type just the domain name and who knows how many of your users will just do that?***  they will return, by default, to the .com site.

    Good Domain Shorter is Always Better

    Tips and tricks as we’ve been saying, shorter is better. Good domain if you can’t get your domain name down to one memorable word almost impossible to come by these days, then consider adding one or a maximum of two more words. Combinations of two words work great for memorable names like or also, don’t use an acronym. People will never remember the letters unless it’s a highly catchy name.

    Your Domain Name No Numbers or Hyphens

    Onlinetechnicalstm  tips numbers and hyphens especially hyphens cause confusion. _Stay away from them at all costs. Even something as clever as the will cause confusion. _Make the name speak for itself.

    Domain Avoid Trademark Problems

    Note your Domain once you’ve decided on your top choices for your site name, make sure you are not violating anyone’s trademarks. ___To check your domain search before you register the name. ***It is always good to check now because this could kill a great website***.

    Onlinetechnicalstm  tips and tricks Check social networks

    Tips and tricks before you register your desired domain name, ___it’s always a good idea to check social networks for the same name. ___To keep your site name constant and to build your brand, you want a name that is readily available. Example like ''twitter .com/onlinetechnicalstm'' ''''.

    Domain Personal website and Business Website Checking domain availability

    Unique Website Name Ideas, Domain there are several tools you can use to check for an available domain name. __A tool like the one we suggest below will allow you to check your domain name’s availability with most of the common and some of the new top-level domains. Read more if your desired domain is available, you can proceed to purchase it.

    Best domain search tool

    Cheap price for beginners, Find more I usually recommend trying Hostinger provider, a company that powers over 2 million websites worldwide.

    How to Choose a Best Domain Name

    First-year Free domain name

    Discount price of $2.75 per month

    The 30-day money-back guarantee period

    Buy an available domain name

    Domain once you’ve determined whether your domain is available, you will want to purchase it from a domain registrar or web hosting company. Some web hosts will register a domain name for you for free usually for one year when you buy web hosting services from them, while others will do it for you, but you’ll have to cover the registrar fees an annual fee.

    700 to 1000  for the “.com” domain. __It’s a personal preference whether to register the name directly, with a domain name registrar or with the web host. In any case, you want to make sure you are assigned as the owner, the administrative, and technical contacts for the domain name you purchased. If you are buying multiple domains, it might be easier to use one good registrar. But, if you are buying a domain name and planning to make a website or use it for custom email purposes, it will be easier to go with the hosting company hosting account and keep everything under one roof.

    One thing’s for sure. You have to find a reliable company to register your domain with. ___There are hundreds of companies available and we will recommend you the best ones from our experience, both registrars, and hosts. If you decide to pick a company on your own, here are some things to consider when choosing one.

    Domain ICANN-Accreditation

    Note your domain registrar should be accredited ICANN, a non-profit organization existing to define how the domain name system functions and expands _They coordinate unique identifiers across the world to ensure the web is truly worldwide. For example, when choosing your domain registrar, you will want to check out the price and top-level domain availability everyone does .com, but not everyone does specific country top-level domains and the new topic-specific top-level domains.

    ''What is Blogging with Examples''

    Best recommended domain registrar and web hosting service

  • Domain registrar – GoDaddy
  • Web hosting company – Hostinger
  • Read more..
  • Stay tuned for our "Blogging Tips" section for more info. Thanks for reading

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