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How to Fix Home Page Thumbnail Issue in Blogger- Oct 6- Update 2022

 Fix Missing Home page Thumbnail Issue in Blogger Online Technical Stm

How to fix home page thumbnail issue in Blogger

Onlinetechnicalstm blog tips, so do you use blogger! if yes then in the new interface you might have a discovered an irritating problem of thumbnail image not showing on blogger post on the home page of your blog, when you publish them.__Thumbnails previews help us find what we are looking for and save us a lot of time and effort. Unfortunately, missing thumbnails are quite a common issue these days in blogger websites. So today I will tell you about   How to fix home page thumbnail issue in Blogger 2021  Learn How to Solved Blogger Thumbnail issue easy solutions for this problem and you will definitely solve it in under five minutes, Blogger simple and you can do it by following these step by steps.

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 Blogger Add Alt Tag to the Image and Change the Size to Original

For blogger this could be the solution for this problem.__There might be chances that blogger is unable to decide the information of that particular image and not showing it.

Here's how to resolve this just add a alt tag to your image.___To do this just add the image in your post by clicking on the image icon and in the alt tag area paste the title of your post.

At that point tick the size of the Image to Original size and update it. Blogger now publish it and refresh the home page of your blog and check if the image is appearing as the thumbnail. I think after doing this could solve this thumbnail.  If  not appearing thumbnail in blogger.

Assuming the issue actually happens, try another method.

Fix Missing Home Page Thumbnail Issue in Blogger

Blogger simple and you can do it by following these step by steps

- Easy and simple go to and sign in to your account.
- Then You have to do is to go to Blogger Posts.
- Edit from Published posts Select that post which is not showing thumbnail and press edit Post.
- Simple now Right click on the image and save after that. 
- Re-upload the image and press update post your image thumbnails will start appearing.
-Blogger simple and you can do it by following these step by steps.

Top Blogger Add a Feature Image in Blogger Post

Presently, you have attempted previously mentioned steps yet the issue actually happens right? At that point you need to add a feature image in your blogger post.

What is a Feature Image 2022? 

A feature image is an image that is include some place and it is not necessary that the real post contain that picture. 

How about we think about a model example whenever you open YouTube video then you see plenty of videos appearing in the home page. Which one could you click? You will tap on something that has an engaging and attractive thumbnail. In the event that you click on that video that is, say, appeal more to you, there might be chances that the video will not contain what you see in the thumbnail. I hope you have now understood what a feature image is.

How to Add a Feature  Image in Blogger Post 2022

Easy  if you do it step by step.

For a blogger first step is to upload the image that you want to be in the feature image on blogger.__You can create a post and upload the image in it and then publish it. Read more now check the post in the home page of your blog, open the post and by long pressing copy the url or image address.

Now Revert the post to Draft.

Presently open the post in which you want to add a feature image. Switch from compose view to HTML view. In the top press enter and make that space empty.

Now copy the below code and paste it at that place. 

<img src=" your URL Of the Image" style="display:none;">

Note to change the URL OF THE IMAGE with the copied URL of your image.

Now save  and publish the post it. Finally you will  see that image thumbnail in the home page of your blog.

Blogger thumbnail  this will not only increase the user friendliness of your blog However also improve your search engine ranking and your blog will surely rank more in google. 

In blogger this problem is very irritating because no one knows the solution for this problem and blogger has not given any statement for this problem.___After all I have attempted to solve this thumbnail issue and you will also solve it in a minute.

Blogger Change HTTPS to HTTP.

 Blogger HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. 

Blogger there might be chances that blogger supports http over https for images that's why it could be the solution for the image not appearing in blogger home page.

What you need to do is to simply look for https://  and change it to http://. 

Remember  if you can't find https:// then search for src:// and change it into https://.

Blogger tips, I hope you have solved thumbnail not showing on blogger problem and now your blog post has started showing thumbnail images very easily.

Stay tuned for our "Blogging Tips" section for more info. Thanks for reading!

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