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Tips to Remain Safety via Web based networking media 2021

 Stay Safe on Social Media 2021

Tips to Remain Safety via Web based networking media

Tips to Remain Safety via Web based networking media

Social media safety 2021

Now social media is a great platform around the world. Why! Do you know why?  Is it Social media good for you.  Onlinetechnicalstm here how you can stay safe on Social media  with so many of us using social media today, Examples like ..

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest  make perfect targets for scams.

Find here are How you can  stay safe on social media.

Tips to Remain Safety via Web based networking media

Stay Safe on Social Media

 How you can  stay safe on social media.

Remain safety be careful about what you share. Note don’t reveal sensitive personal information Example home address, Bank accound financial information, contact number the more you post the easier it is to have your identity stolen.

Web based If you have social media apps on your phone, make  sure to password protect your device.

 Note protect your computer by installing antivirus software to safeguard-also ensure that your browser, operating system, and software are kept up to date.

''Tips to Remain Safety via Web based networking media''

Web based use a strong password.  Note the longer it is the more secure it will be.

 Remain safety like click links with caution.  Networking  media accounts are regularly hacked-look out for language or content that does not sound like something your friend would post.

Important safety remember to log off when you’re done.

Web based use a different password for each of your social media accounts.

 Remain safety become familiar with the privacy policies of the social media channels you use and customize your privacy settings to control who sees what.

 Remain Safety set up your security answers this option is available for most social media sites.

Remain safety be selective with friend requests. Unknown if you don’t know the person, don’t accept their request.  It could be a fake account.

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