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Pinterest Best Practices|New Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Pinterest Best Practices|New Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Pinterest Best Practices|New Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

In this article  I'm  going to share  you a Pinterest  different tips  that you can use to build your  marketing strategist for creative small Businesses or a blog. strategies to drive traffic to their website Best Practicesin visibility today's Article is all about the new best practices that you need to be paying attention to you to succeed on Pinterest.

Pinterest Best Practices New Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

 Let't get start

Pinterest definitely not new but I think Pinterest and even myself, have seen that people still aren't utilizing. this properly and that is to optimize your boards for search. So one thing I want to highlight is in the past, we've seen that boards have follow meaning. you can follow a board have showed up in the pinch or smart feed they went away for a while and now they're actually back and so the reason why Pinterest wants you to highlight this is optimize your boards for search.

Don't use  example like cute for. A board on blogging use a descriptive keywords. so it could be something as simple as desserts or you can take it a little bit further.

If it's a Making online marketing  it could be Make money on online ideas  it's not super sexy and doesn't sound really creative but you're optimizing it for search. so that Pinterest knows what this board contains. so that if someone is searching for those things in the Pinterest search feed they're gonna be able to locate that board and locate the content within that board. so don't forget to optimize your boards for search.

Pinterest Content
Make sure your content is good. So if that content performs well with your followers, then you're communicating to Pinterest. that your content will be relevant for other people who aren't following you.

Pinterest Creat multiple pin, pinterest board descriptions

Best practice is to create multiple pin images and even consider offering different pin descriptions for those images. so what I mean is you might have one or two  piece of content for example; how to sign up pinterest or how to login to pinterest without using facebook  and instead of having two pin image that leads back to that source create multiple ones, I try to have at least two or three pins per post that have different styles and even different text overlay meaning some kind of text on the pin that has a call-to-action to invite people to click over remember Pinterest has a wide variety of users and you never know which pin is going to perform better now the other thing that Pinterest mentioned is using a different pin description for different pens and the reason why they recommend this is one pin might show up and search more than the other so what this might look like for you is having one pin image and using two different pin descriptions or maybe you have two different pin images.

Pinterest Pin 5 to 10 a day, creative pinterest board ideas, pinterest board ideas for businesses

 Pin consistently Pinterest would prefer for you to sit down and pin 5 to 10 pins a day during the optimal times which are generally in the evening several times a week then getting in once a week and pinning 60 to 70 pins at once by doing this you're actively engaging on the platform. super new we've always encouraged you to be consistent on the platform but more than ever Pinterest wants you to be consistent regularly.

Follow people twitter, instagram or facebook

follow people on Pinterest they're going to make it they're going to make suggestions for people that might be someone you want to follow and the other thing I went to highlight is that you should be encouraging your audiences on maybe twitter or Instagram or Facebook to join  you on Pinterest and to follow you. so now I feel like there's a greater call to action to get people pinning with you on Pinterest. what your favorite content creators are creating and what people who you are inspired by and that help you take action on ideas those are the people that you want to follow and encourage your followers to follow you. ''Pinterest Best Practices|New Tips And Tricks You Need To Know''

Highlight pinterest highlight cover
Highlight is that followers do matter sort of so in the past we've heard a lot of people say that followers do not matter in Pinterest and yes that's sort of true in the way that they operate on let's say a platform like Instagram. but in my opinion followers always have matter I've always seen that my accounts that have a large number of people do get pins more actively and so what the Pinterest.

 Smart feed has done is when you pin something it does show it to your followers first if your followers tend to respond well to your pins and engage with them whether that's through clicks or through saves then they'll show them to five to ten times more people of people who have a related interest to your followers. This are  my favorite tips and tricks, so that you can drive traffic to your site using pinterest.

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