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Most effective method to Beat Instagram New Algorithm (Boost Your Engagement)

Most effective method to Beat Instagram New Algorithm (Boost Your Engagement)

The most effective method to Beat Instagram New Algorithm (Boost Your Engagement)

Most important things, in 'Instagram' are quality content (obviously) and engaging with others. so some of you could conceivably know better believe it. however Instagram has changed their calculation. once more I have an inclination. that it generally changes right when we at long last understood it. so remaining over it's almost unimaginable. I will be showing you guys, how to increase your exposure and engagement before we get started on this Article.

let's get started.

# Hashtags
Use (hashtags) I don't really like using them. I find them quite useless but in this new algorithm. I think I'm gonna be using more and especially if you're just starting out this is only a good tool you can actually. use up to 25 hashtags but for this new algorithm I would recommend only using 5 to 10 if you are planning to use hashtags make sure you use hashtags that are relevant to your picture and try to use hashtags. 
Most effective method to Beat Instagram New Algorithm (Boost Your Engagement)

That are less than a million post within the hashtag just. so your picture doesn't get thrown. in the very bottom pile because sometimes, if the hashtag itself has a lot of posts already your pictures, probably is gonna go to trash no one's probably gonna see your picture and it's just gonna be a really useless also a lot of you might still be doing this but if you're trying to be smart and putting your hashtags. In a comment instead of in the caption don't even bother because Instagram new algorithm does not count hashtags that are in the comment. so if you do that your picture won't show in the search results. so make sure you put it on the caption speaking of hashtags, Instagram has implemented this thing on their app where you can follow hashtags and this is actually really  great you guys, basically if you follow hashtags on Instagram will curate posts just for that hashtag. that specific hashtag for you to look at and it's actually post from people that you might follow or even people you may not fall.

 So this is really good and I would definitely take advantage of this because that basically means, if you follow certain hashtag there's a chance for your post to be seen on the hashtag thingy. so people will see you more they might click on your picture follow you or I don't know just increase your engagement basically and if you haven't noticed yet I personal notice it on my account already but sometimes when I scroll through my feed I would just see random pictures of people that I don't even follow but that's just because I'm following a hashtag. so being involved in this whole thing will just benefit you because it might increase your engagement because your post might be shown in strangers feeds but yeah guys.

In this article, so right now whenever you post something on (Instagram) there's a chance that only 5 to 10% of your audience will see it and there are many factors that are affecting this. so let's talk about the 2nd step.

So if you do get comments, make sure to reply to some of the comments or even. all within one hour because the more comments, in a short period of time. the likelihood of Instagram thinking that your post is worth sharing to all of your audience becomes really high and if you're on the other side of the spectrum where you're not getting any comments and make sure. to give your audience or reason to comment. ask them a question talk about something that is important that might be thought-provoking etc.

 But make sure you make it short. I personally don't even read people's captions when it's too long like you see the c-more tab thingy. I don't even bother sometimes, I just like skip and just scroll up because I it's too much and sometimes I get pretty lazy. so make sure your comments are short and concise also if you're thinking of buying your comments or using this like comment box don't even bother instagrams new algorithm has now a way of finding these fake commentators for your post and honestly it would just be bad for your account standing.

 so if you're using those right now. just stop and just refrain from using that it's not worth it guys make sure you review your captions before posting just try your best to avoid making mistakes insta because changing your captions within 24 hours actually really does lower your engagement rate. I honestly don't know why Instagram does this I think it's kind of stupid but it's their new algorithm. so I can't really do anything about it but if you do I don't know call them or something email them or something out. I don't know!
Most effective method to Beat Instagram New Algorithm (Boost Your Engagement)
I'm sure most of you guys know what (Instagram stories) are and I'm pretty sure you guys have used it. I personally use it for my own things like promoting my recent article. I just use it because I use it. I don't know but. I know you're all familiar with it well guess, what in this new algorithm stories can actually help you stand out of the crowd.

 So it's very  important to utilize this tool especially if you're like an influencer or like me or maybe a business account or maybe personal utilizing the stories, feature on Instagram. is quite helpful Instagram is now doing this thing where they show the stories on top based on the highest engagement to the lowest instead of regency. it's pretty much kind of like how our feed is shown to us so yeah I locate it because sometimes the people that I actually really want to see are on like the lowest pile. so sometimes, I would see their posts in like three days, so now that Instagram is doing this it's important that if you ever post a story make sure you give people a reason to check your story like.

 let's say when you post a picture maybe tell them on the caption to check your story out and also to get more engagement on your stories provide interaction within it. so let's say the best way to do this actually is like Instagram polls I use it all the time well actually not really but I've noticed that every time.
That is basically it for this article, I hope you find this helpful.


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