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how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone

how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone

Hey guys,

 There are few tips and tricks today I want to share you, my favorite tips and tricks how to hide your hashtags on Instagram smartphone.

 Instagram smartphone, So you've probably noticed that less and less people have been actually including a crap ton of 'hashtags' in their caption with their photo and that's because it kind of comes off. As looking cluttered and unprofessional and super promotional.

So today  I'm going to share you My favorite tips and tricks how to hide your hashtags on instagram smartphone. so that you can have a more polished account and you can be in on this somewhat new trend of like. I said hiding your hashtags.

let's get start

First you got to go to your Instagram account upload photo.
Example like Fruits like grapes.

how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone

how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone
So you're going to want to pick a picture. we'll do this one next then you can go ahead and add any filters if you would like. So now we just post our little caption what we want to say. so let's type……
Grapes are a good source of fiber emojiπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone

So if you want to add your location you can if you Auto post to  Facebook, linkedin or Twitter
anywhere else you can go ahead and do that and then you want to hit share. so now that we have shared our photo you'll see there are no hashtags here.

how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone
 it's just our photo which looks cute and good to go so anyways so now you're going to
exit out of Instagram and you're going to go to my Notepad section. 
how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone

 So you can hit your notes and you'll see here I have these Two dots right here and then a bunch of hashtags that I use a lot and sometimes I'll create like multiple versions of these it just kind of depends on what I'm posting most often but these are the hashtags that I find get me some Apps. so anyways we want to select all and copy these now the key here like I mentioned is making sure you have these two dots and then your hashtags and how you add those two dots if you'll go down under the one  you'll hit that and then you'll see this period right here you're going to hit that two times. someone blog in our photo. so you're gonna hit that 2 times and then you can add whatever hashtag you want. so once you've got that done and copied you can exit.
how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone

 Out we're going to go back into Instagram  profilewe just posted it and you're going to hit comments, so we're going to add a comment and we're going to just paste that information in there so you'll see we've got our two dots .. and then our hashtags and then we're going to hit post. so now you'll see we've added our hashtags and you're like okay well. how is this looking any better it looks exactly like. how it would look if I would have just included them in the original caption well here's the secret.

how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone

so you're going to hit go back and now you'll see you know when you refresh that you don't actually see any of the hashtags they're buried in the comments so it still looks clean and professional if you hit new then you're going to see it but when you go back you'll see it's just these two dots... here and that means that you've successfully hidden them and it will be a little less obvious to everybody who sees your posts that you're trying to promote and market yourself. that's it for our Article on. how to hide hashtags on instagram smartphone


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