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How To Getting More Traffic To Your Wbesite or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

How To Getting More Traffic To Your website or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

Here are some Tips, you should Follow help your pins go viral you know getting more traffic back to your website.Pinterest I even had one account and got all the way up to almost 2000 thousand monthly views from

Pinterest. so I'm gonna be sharing with you Getting More Traffic To Your Site.Using With Pinterest apps.
How To Getting More Traffic To Your website or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

Let's get start

 Use niche relevant keywords in your business name. So what does this mean well if you're in the
Salon or Travel that is considered your niche. so you want to use relevant keywords related to you know the Salon. so in your business name you might say you know OTS and then I would say.

Example Technology
How To Getting More Traffic To Your Webite or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

 Technology or Travel agency  tips, some extra keywords. so that when somebody reads your profile name they're gonna know your name.

plus they're gonna understand what your profile is gonna be about because. I'm gonna tell them you know I give Beauty  tips or blogging tips or you know whatever I end up putting in my profile maybe then you have to use those same niche relevant keywords in your bio.

 So in my case in my bio you know I might share tips like you know. I help bloggers start a blog grow an audience and Learn tech. so that would be you know several keywords start a blog learn tech. you know build it build traffic those would be keywords people would be typing in related to my internet learn tech niche. so if you're in the Tech line you know you'd say I help people learn how to creade mobile App . So use some niche related keywords in your bio and your business name.

Brower for Comodo or Google(Pinterest)
How To Getting More Traffic To Your Website or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

Button for your browser so up in the top browser bar when you're on like Comodo or Google chrome

ideally Comodo or chrome extension. so that's the one I'll talk about here so with Comodo you can book marks or you can do chrome extension. So anytime I'm on a web site or on my own website I can just click that button and it'll pop it'll pop open. a window and it'll actually take all the images found on whatever in article.

 I'm reading and it'll let me choose which image from that article I want to pin to my Pinterest account. so it's a way to quickly you know pin different images from a page that you're on if you're on somebody else's website or if you're on your own then you can pin them easily to your Boards. using that extension pin button and then again create a pin it later board.

Pinterest Create Boards  
For Example
How To Getting More Traffic To Your Website or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

Create  boards,  So you need a mix of at least ten boards to get your profile jump-started. so when people come to your profile they see that you've got multiple boards you're not just like a blank ghost you know profile you've got to have a good mix of board. so that like you're active each board should have 30 pins. so starting out when you create a new board. you can you know give it a title give it a description give it a category and then go start adding pins to that board until you've added about you know 30 pins or so to that to that one board and then repeat this nine more times creating a total of 10 boards, so when you're creating your board titles you have to make sure you're using keywords again Pinterest you know they're gonna read your profile they're gonna read your boards they're gonna read your pins with their software scanning system and their algorithm and they're gonna be able to judge what your content is about based on you know the titles and the descriptions you're using on Pinterest. so these got to be keyword optimized. so that when people search these types of keywords on Pinterest your boards your profile will come up relevant . so in my case with my Tech niche blog. 

Searching Google Tech
How To Getting More Traffic To Your Website or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

Searching on Pinterest but people searching Google can also find your boards and you know Pinterest is a popular blog. so it's got a lot of Link juice already. so that's why Pinterest results can show up in Google results. so that's something to keep in mind when optimizing your boards as well and then give your boards a category. So you're gonna have a big list of categories to choose from you know whether it's trainer people then you'd pick trainer if you want Beauty or a technology they've got lots of different categories to categorize your boards. I also use branded image for your board covers to do this you'll have to upload kind of like a square cover photo into that board first and then you can go to the Edit board and it'll say cover photo and then you just you know choose a cover photo. out of the photos that are already pinned to that board. so that's why you'll have to upload your cover photo first to whatever board you're gonna use it for and again it 
can be like a square photo and you want it to you know have a cool unique design.

How To Getting More Traffic To Your website or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

Pinterest Share Bottom
How To Getting More Traffic To Your Website or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

Traffic coming from Google from other social media people stopping by your website from other sources that aren't coming off of Pinterest. so they're gonna read your post and then that image in your blog post can get pinned to Pinterest then you want to add pin it Pinterest share buttons. so like social share buttons that float down the side of your page or at the bottom of your page you know your Facebook your Twitter your Pinterest these buttons people can click on to share your blog post on other platforms so have a Pinterest share button mixed in with like the Twitter and Facebook share buttons and then you can add Pinterest follow buttons. so if you want to have a little scroll pop-up where when somebody start scrolling down your page maybe 50 to 60 percent of the way down your page a little sidebar pop-up comes up that says follow me on Pinterest and it's a follow button or you can have them in your sidebar you can stick it embed it somewhere in your blog post that way you can encourage people not only to pin your photos but also you know follow you.

so that way you can gain followers from your blog traffic that's coming from Google and other sources the people that are on your website you can gain new followers in addition to gaining followers of people already on Pinterest that are seeing your pins on Pinterest and then again include one Laptop image in every blog post so go to Pict art or photoshop the image then you can either directly upload Pinterest and then you can also go into your blog post and paste in or upload the photo into that blog post that way it's now in your article itself.
How To Getting More Traffic To Your Webssite or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

so if you've got you know a big following on Instagram or Twitter on Facebook you can get on to those
platforms and promote your Pinterest account your pins and that'll help get some of those followers over to Pinterest to follow you on Pinterest you can also join Pinterest promotion groups on Facebook so there's these promo groups where everybody shares their pins on different days of the week's and everybody can go in and help share each other's pins and you know this is another time-consuming strategy but it can help you get new followers and help get some of your pins a jump start getting them re-- pins so that hopefully Pinterest picks them up and start showing them higher in the rankings and then you can start getting you know natural reap ends from people that are searching on Pinterest.

How To Getting More Traffic To Your Website or a blog| Using With Pinterest apps

tips for beginners and that way somebody reads that pain scroll into the feed and if it's relevant to them they'll click on all right then you want to use keyword rich pin descriptions. so just like we talked about your profile and your boards you got to stick keywords into the descriptions that way Pinterest knows what it's about especially if you're uploading it direct to Pinterest you need a keyword rich pin
Description. so I hope you enjoyed this  article.

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