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whatsapp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp

WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp

how to actually do these things so let's get started first of all go to settings of your what's up here.
 So you can see we've got a few other sentences. so we've got a kind we've got charts, notification data usage on contacts. let's start out with the first one.
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp
So the first one is a kind and a kind you get more subcategories of sense so in

the first set we've got privacy let's go in here.
 So you can see your personal info the first option that we have here is the last thing. now if you have this section turned on for everyone then it means that everyone contract when you were last on what's up or you can hit my contacts and select certain contacts to view whenever you were last on what's up.
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp
Select nobody because you like to have a bit of privacy and unlike things that become too intrusive in your life especially when it comes to your phone. so you just going to keep that at nobody.  so profile photo to me it's not a big deal who sees your profile photo. 
So you just got that selected for everyone again you can do the same thing go into your

contacts or nobody a bite. so in this About section, you can let everyone see what you're doing and or again your contacts are nobody.  you want everyone to see that, so you Just going to keep that at that status or status. however, you want to pronounce this  don't use this option you were just testing at probably about a month or two ago whenever it first came out and to me, it's useless in your opinion and book for
 you guys out there  don't know if you use this so and you can put up a little update of what you're up to. 
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp
so say for example going on holiday leaving and for the airport and me. so then whenever you put out that little and status update you can only share it with certain contacts you can share it with all your
 contacts except for certain people or you can just share it with all your contacts again choose a setting that you want to use for this it's not a feature that I use on what's up. 
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp

so now that we've got that in this gray box you can see if you don't share the last thing you will be able to see other people's laughing that's fine.
 if you get then you know what's up messages coming through from someone that's really annoying you and doing your head in and in here you can select and their name a number and then you  block them rocket dam means that they won't be able to call you messages happy days I don't have anyone of me and what's up contact less than annoy me. so I selected that for numb rad Receipts I've got this text. so whenever you send a message to someone you get you to notice those two texts that you get at the bottom and first of all they show white.
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp

whenever you've sent it and then whenever the person has read your message they turn the blue. so I like to know whenever someone's read my message again it's the same concept that if I turn this off I wouldn't be able to see and other people's read receipts. so I'm just going to keep this option on. so that's the purpose ESET and let's come out of there and let's go into security so again I think this happened maybe a year maybe two years ago what's up became a lot more secure your messages and calls are secured with ends and
 encryption which means what's up on third parties can't read or listen to them.
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp

so you know that's brilliant let's just that and you know that what that was going to be a lot more secure than it was and you don't have to worry about you know your message is linking to the third party to step four application. I don't use this change number if you wanted to and change your mobile number.
 but keep your seeing what's up a profile with the same contacts and you can use that setting in here and at the bottom.

 let's go into chats, so in chats and you can select the Enter key or the return key on your keyboard to send a message and or you can select the Enter key no hello I got that mixed up enter key we'll add. a new line, so you can keep this on for adding. a new line instead of it's sending a message again. I just don't touch
that and font size. brilliant you know you can change between small medium and large and it's. a nice little feature chat backup I get my WhatsApp messages to my new phone so on and so on so in here you can
 say backup to Google Drive,
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp

you can select it for never the only backup when I top back up dealing weekly or monthly I
keep it up weekly you select whatever you want to go there and select your Gmail account that you've got and back up over Wi-FI don't include videos because I get a opt of gifts sent to me from my WhatsApp
Group. so I don't want them back and up and up at the top here tells me about my last backup and the size of the backup. so whenever you first do this and it bars up if you're changing phone and you put in your Google email address and then you reinstall what's up all your messages will come back because they've been backed up to your Google Drive. check astray you can email your chat history archive of all chats clear all
chat or delete I don't really go into that. so that's in the chest.

let's see notifications you get a lot of people coming in and saying that my
message tone and I what's up tone is the same. so I can't decipher between and so
whether it's WhatsApp message or whether it's just a normal text message. so this
is where you'll want to go. if you want to change your tone for what's up. so
message notifications there you can select the tone you can select vibrate
and you can give.
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp

 it a pop-up notification and you can also change the Color. if you've got a little indicator light up frontier phone great notifications again you can chop and change .so that a great notification gives you a different sound and then your rental again if you get a normal call coming through and your WhatsApp call.

 notification is the same then in here that's really change that. so that's notifications data usage this is the
main one. I get asked all the time so hi to turn off the pictures and the videos that people send you and what's up die note and straight to your gallery. 
WhatsApp tricks For Beginners | How To Use WhatsApp

so media are you Auto I have no media selected that doesn't mean that I can't see the media the picture becomes three will be blurred I'd and if I want to download it I just click on the picture that will download. so then I can decide what I want to see and it means that my gallery and my phone is not being used up by so much storage with all the chats that I have on WhatsApp. So here you can select photos audio videos and again when connected to Wi-Fi I just keep all these off you select what you want to do with that and there it is folks that is an article on the settings.
Hope you guys!

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