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Easy way to create a Facebook page.

An easy way to create a Facebook page

An easy way to create a Facebook pageFor your business first thing, you're going to do is log in to your personal Facebook are going to run up to the top up here and you're going to type in

pages / create PHP after Facebook com so you will type in forward slash pages forward slash create PHP you are going to choose a local business or place you're going to choose your category,

 ours is real estate you're going to type in your address information and in business or place.
this is where you are going to create the name of your Facebook fan page. So if the name of
your company is eg; an online reality.

 this is where you're going to type that
in you want to make sure you click here. to agree to Facebook pages terms and click
the get started here. you go you've just created your Facebook fan page for your


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